Across the Team

The local life of the Team is strong, with distinctive local initiatives. At a whole-team level some resources and activities stand out as being ways in which pooling our efforts can lead to outcomes that would not be possible at an individual parish level and some are opportunities to bind our parishes together for worship and shared activities. Here are some examples of things that we do, or have recently done together.

  • Prayer, spirituality and learning: The annual Prayer Pilgrimage (now part of “Thy Kingdom Come”) has been established in the last few years to encourage congregation members to visit our churches and pray. The School of Theology has run for three of the last 5 years, drawing on local educators and providing serious theological study for those who wish to explore their faith more deeply. Sacred Space is an alternative worship opportunity held 3/4 times a year, using quiet and reflection to progress our relationship with God.
  • Resourcing: Allocation of ministers for services is a collaborative Team-wide exercise. We have an online ‘dropbox’ of service sheets, all-age ideas and locally produced material. We share use of the “parish room” in Coton.
  • Weddings: A weddings administrator works across the team. Marriage Preparation involves an annual team day – attracting up to 30 couples – and weddings are allocated across the Team and chapter. In the last couple of years, we’ve had a stand at local wedding fairs.
  • Communication: We produce a bi-monthly newsletter called ‘Lordsbridge Life’, and circulate a weekly notices email of news that can be added to local pew sheets and equivalent.
  • Youth: Youth work is linked across the Team but focusses in particular areas, with important links to local networks (via Comberton Village College+ and West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries), and via parishes to the network of primary schools.
  • Worship and celebration together: Ascension Day is a well-established occasion when all parishes are invited for shared worship. On 5th Sundays we offer two or three services in the Team area and invite congregations to “worship with friends or make new ones”.
Oasis Holiday Club
Oasis Holiday Club