Our Communities

The Lordsbridge Team Ministry covers the villages of Hardwick, Dry Drayton, Caldecote, Comberton, Toft, Great and Little Eversden, Coton, Barton, Harlton and Haslingfield.

The communities range in size from a few hundred residents to nearly three thousand. The congregations similarly vary in size. Some of the smaller villages nevertheless maintain a very active church life and the proportion of villagers actively involved in the churches is sometimes lower in the larger communities.

Each village is self-contained, set in mostly arable farmland. Though linked by ancient bridle paths they are several miles apart by road and there is little or no public transport between them. All have established and individual identities, diverse populations and congregations, and strong community spirit. There are some local families with historic links to each of the villages, as well as many beautiful listed buildings (including several of the churches).

Different villages have expanded with new housing at different times, bringing in new families and changing the demography. This is still going on with a number of edge-of-village and in-fill developments being actively discussed within our area. While rural in many ways, all of the villages of the team are heavily influenced by their proximity to Cambridge.

Local schools include village primary schools, some of which are church schools. Comberton Village College and Comberton Sixth Form are within the Lordsbridge Team’s geographical area, and St Bede’s is a church secondary school within reach in Cambridge.

This is a beautiful and diverse setting in which to live and exercise mission and ministry.