Principles and Values

Our working principles

  • The Lordsbridge Team is a network of worshipping communities rooted in their local contexts
  • The Team works primarily through its worshipping communities and enables greater flourishing in their life and mission
  • The Team allows us to be more than individual parishes and to do things together that could not be done alone

Our key values

  • Mission: a desire to be mission-focused in our nature and activities, with prayer being central to this
  • Celebration: remembering how God has been active in our communities and Team as an encouragement for how we can join him in his mission in the future
  • Enjoyment: through being and doing things together
  • Relationships: building and consolidating relationships between churches, denominations, village groups, businesses and schools
  • The Team Council has also stated that prayer is the ‘engine house’ for all that we do

In the 6 years since its inception, the Lordsbridge Team has evolved to become a mutually supportive network that retains the local strengths and essence of its individual parishes while also bringing together commonalities and encouraging collaborations. We recognize that each worshipping community is best placed to understand, reflect and engage with its own local context. However, we also recognize that multiple small worshipping communities are more effective when linked together with access to central resources and mutual support.

We respect the faithfulness of generations worshipping in these villages, but we also know that in the work of ministry and mission we need innovation as well as continuity, creativity as well as faithfulness, in the service of the Kingdom.

Prayer Station from the Lordsbridge Prayer Pilgrimage
Prayer Station from the Lordsbridge Prayer Pilgrimage