Who’s Who in the Team

The Core Ministry Team

We have an active and collaborative Core Ministry Team which operates around the principle of shared leadership, shared support and shared accountability. Lordsbridge is set up with three stipendiary clergy of incumbent status – a Team Rector and two Team Vicars – and a Self-Supporting Minister who takes the role of an incumbent. Each member of this Core Team takes responsibility for particular geographic parishes – he or she is their Vicar – and takes the lead for particular projects and activities that are cross-Team. Recognising that a significant section of the local population is unreached through our current patterns of ministry, one stipendiary minister pursues a team-wide mission and Fresh Expressions brief.

The day-to day functioning of the Lordsbridge Team is overseen by this Core Team of incumbent-status ‘lead ministers’ who, with the Team Pioneer Curate, meet weekly. The allocation of ministers for services is carried out team-wide, subject to the agreement of the lead ministers. This saves time, and ensures that cover is not down to any one minister.

We also have a Team Administrator, whose primary responsibilities are weddings administration and team-wide communication, together with specific administrative tasks as requested by the lead ministers.

The members of the Core Team, their parish responsibilities and some of the cross-Team responsibilities are:

    • Rev Alison Myers – Team Rector, lead minister in Hardwick and Dry Drayton and for pioneering projects
    • Rev Charles Fraser – Team SSM, lead minister in Great Eversden and Little Eversden
    • Rev Rebecca Gilbert – Team Vicar, lead minister in Barton, Coton, Harlton and Haslingfield, and for youth
    • Rev David Newton – Team Vicar, lead minister in Comberton, Caldecote and Toft (LEP)


The Team Council

The Team Council, comprising parish representatives and the Core Ministry Team, meets three times a year. Its role is to oversee the cross-Team activities (including finance), to enable communication across the Team, to take part (with PCCs) in Team-level vision setting and to act as a sounding board for the Core Ministry Team.

The Lordsbridge Team Chapter and local Ministry Teams

We have a strong, committed wider team of self-supporting and retired clergy, licensed lay ministers (Readers), authorized lay ministers, and resident staff from Cambridge colleges. Some of these serve across several villages and some in specific church communities, in a variety of roles. The full Lordsbridge Team chapter (all clergy and LLMs) meets termly.

Dry Drayton School Easter Experience Trail in church
Dry Drayton School Easter Experience Trail in church

Local ministry teams meet both at parish and group level. They function in different ways in different church communities depending on both the context and the mix of ordained and lay ministers currently serving that church.

Because we are within reach of the Cambridge Theological Colleges, we offer attachments and placements to students wanting to explore multi-parish ministry and/or village ministry. There are usually several students attached within the Team at any one time and some live, with their families, in our villages.