About the Lordsbridge Team Churches


Worship at Home – listen below to the new Lordsbridge Team Worship at Home audio service. 

About the Lordsbridge Team

The Lordsbridge Team was created in late 2010 from four benefices, enabling the Team churches to work in co-operation and share ministry, while maintaining links between the clergy and their geographical oversight. We are a network of worshipping communities spread over eleven villages to the west of Cambridge, served by a core team of four incumbent-status clergy.

The Lordsbridge Team Ministry formally became a legal reality in 2010, but we had been working together and growing closer together over a number of years. Currently, there are thirteen or more worshipping communities in this network: eleven worship in ancient parish churches, one is becoming a Fresh Expression of Church meeting in a village hall, one is a loose community of young people, and there are other possibilities and opportunities.

We have three primary working principles:

  • The Lordsbridge Team is a network of worshipping communities rooted in their local contexts.
  • The Team works primarily through its worshipping communities and enables greater flourishing in their life and mission.
  • The Team allows us to be more than individual parishes and to do things together that could not be done alone.

Alongside these we have identified these key values for the direction of the Team’s life:

  • Mission: a desire to be mission-focused in our nature and activities, with prayer being central to this
  • Celebration: remembering how God has been active in our communities over many years and is still active and creative now
  • Relationships: growing worshipping communities, building the network, and consolidating relationships between churches, denominations, village groups, businesses and schools
  • Enjoyment: through being and doing things together.

The Team Council has also stated that prayer is the ‘engine house’ for all that we do.

Please explore our website to find out more about our vision and what we offer.


Lordsbridge Team Coronavirus Update – ongoing from July 2020

The communities of the Lordsbridge Team have been very much alive and well throughout lockdown, and we are now able to slowly consider the reintroduction of physical services in our buildings. As a benefice with multiple parishes, this will look different in each church. Please use the links at the side of this page to see the relevant information for each church.

As we begin to reintroduce physical services, we continue to offer multiple “worship at home” resources. For more information about these, please see the ‘Lordsbridge Online’ page of this website or again, use the links down the side of this page to engage with what is being provided in your local area.