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About the Lordsbridge Team: Our Life & Vision

The Lordsbridge Team is a network of worshipping communities spread over eleven villages to the west of Cambridge, served by a core team of four incumbent-status clergy.

The Team, both a single benefice and a team ministry, enables the eleven churches to work in co-operation and share ministry. Each geographic parish has at least one worshipping community.

Alongside these are variously Wild or Forest Churches for families, a monthly gathering of seniors for tea and prayer, a weekly congregation of toddlers and carers, an ecumenical gathering around baking bread for families, a monthly multi-denominational youth service and a Sunday Zoom Church.

Our three primary working principles

The Lordsbridge Team is a network of worshipping communities rooted in their local contexts

The Team works primarily through its worshipping communities and enables greater flourishing in their life and mission

The Team allows us to be more than individual parishes and to do things together that could not be done alone

Our four key values for the direction of the Team’s life


A desire to be mission-focused in our nature and activities, with prayer being central to this


Remembering how God has been active in our communities over many years and is still active and creative now


Growing worshipping communities, building the network of churches, and consolidating partnerships between the church communities and local ecumenical partners, village groups, businesses and schools


Through being and doing things together

The Lordsbridge Team of Churches has evolved to become a mutually supportive network that retains the local strengths and essence of its individual parishes while also bringing together commonalities and encouraging collaborations.

We celebrate small church as being good and having value and purpose in its own right. We therefore encourage small, locally rooted worshipping communities, avoiding amalgamation and empowering lay people and volunteers in their own places. However, we also recognize that multiple small worshipping communities are more effective when linked together sharing skills and resources and mutual support.

And we actively support mixed economy ministry, both celebrating the faithfulness of generations worshipping in these villages, whilst making space for the innovation and creativity that are vital in the service of the Kingdom of God for the sake of future generations.

Join with us in the Lordsbridge Team Prayer

The Lordsbridge Team Prayer: Lord God, in your love you sent your Son. In your grace you called us back to you. In your mission you placed us where we are and formed us into a team. Call us onward into your purposes and growth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.