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About the Lordsbridge Team: Our Life & Vision

The Benefice of the Lordsbridge Team consists of eleven Church of England village parishes just to the west of Cambridge.

The Team exists to support and enable the mission and ministry of the parishes. Principally through:

Creating opportunities to celebrate together and to build relationships: through Fifth Sunday Team Services; through Team Ministers’ Gatherings; and through groups and courses run across parishes.

Through the sharing of ideas and resources across the Benefice; through helping volunteers and church officers collaborate and support one another.

Through the work of our Team Administrator, who provides support for parish officers, for services, life events, safeguarding, and much more.

Through our weekly meetings where we can plan together, pray together, ask advice, and offer mutual support.

Across the Benefice we seek to encourage the parishes to:

  • Develop a ‘Mixed Ecology’ that nurtures the traditional and embraces new initiatives.
  • Partner with others of goodwill in the parishes to identify and tackle social need, and work for the common good.
  • Empower volunteers.
  • Share ideas, resources and skills across the benefice.
  • Enjoy life together.

In our context, developing a mixed ecology means continuing with a traditional parish ministry of services, pastoral care, and community involvement, whilst also developing new mission initiatives: