Lordsbridge Online

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Lordsbridge Team branched out into creating written, video and audio resources to facilitate worship in the home.

Worship at Home written resources:

Worship at home service sheets are created on a weekly basis and circulated around the team. To receive these service sheets please use the contact details on the contact page.

Audio Service:

Please find below, the latest Lordsbridge Team Worship at Home audio service.


Lordsbridge Seminars:

In Spring 2021, the team embarked on a series of Lordsbridge seminars. The first of these was from Rick Nelms, member of St Mary’s Comberton. Rick is artist-in-residence at Under The Thinking Tree and since having a career in biology and education cut short by the onset of motor neurone disease has taken up ‘painting without brushes’. A recording of his seminar and the accompanying PDF, can be found here below – Painting without brushes PDF guide


Video Services:

The team has also been creating and distributing video weekly team video services each week. These are available to view on the Lordsbridge Team YouTube channel here

Hymns of worship

Another aspect of the Lordsbridge Team YouTube page is the editing and distribution of hymns of worship to accompany written service sheets. We have so far created a library of 28 hymns that are available to view in this playlist on our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrSvx3hkFsWFyFA06TCStMXPLWE5eIQuv 

A big thank you must go to St Martins in the Field who have made their music available for church use during the pandemic.