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Stations of the Cross

Pilgrimages have been popular with Christians since the fourth century, especially pilgrimages to the Holy Land.  Pilgrims wanted to see the places where Jesus had lived and died.  But most Christians from Western Europe could never make their way to Jerusalem; it was too expensive and, at times, too dangerous.

The Stations of the Cross evolved so that anyone anywhere could make that pilgrimage without travelling far from home.  They just had to go to their local church, where a series of images or wall plaques represented the events in the last days of Jesus.  By praying and meditating at each station pilgrims could follow the passion and death of Jesus.

We can now journey with Jesus in our own homes using words and images brought to us via the internet.  We are following an old tradition but we are modern-day pilgrims.

The One Friday Stations of the Cross images with accompanying reflections can be used all in one sitting or to accompany you through Holy Week. The images are a set of paintings by artist Jenny Hawke. The reflections are written by Revd Priscilla Slusar.